Saturday, September 24, 2005

just being cozy

working with lace pattern would make you tired sometimes.
1st, got to counting for every row where the stitch have inc, dec, yo, and k1.
2nd, when you think you are doing ok, and felt confident that there isn't stitch left out or too many dec, less yo... then.. ta da...... the sts were less or too much ...
3rd, cant avoid frogging the row

that's why i keep counting every row where all the dec, yo sts are do. even sometimes i can missed some stitch on the purl side coz i dropped the yo loop.

on the other hand, it's worth it. when it's reached certain length when you can admiring the motif, even it's simple motif.

so... here are my cozy progress... the real pattern was using Reynolds Mandalay (100% silk, 98ysd/88 m per 50 gr skein), color oatfield and required 8 skeins to finish it.

as for my cozy (during the knitting, since this would be my gift to my sis), it knitted with Gedifra Wellness (60% cotton, 40% acrylic, and it's still produce a bit of fuzy balls, 110 m per 50 g ball), so i am thinking it wold be using less balls but may reach almost same length with the original knitting.

since 88 m * 8 => 704 m, and using 5 mm, the length is 67.5 inch and width : 18.75 inch

and for my project:
110 m * 4 3/4 (3/4 was from the vest project) -> 525.5 m, and using 4.5 mm, the width is 15 inch.
perfect.. since it wouldnt be too bulky and too long for her..;)

a peek from my cozy.... (will be update asap *sigh* since the internet connection acting lazy tonight)

note: finally...pict can be upload oct 15..2005

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