Friday, October 20, 2006

Finished Pricilla's Square

Sorry for this very very late update.. Lots of happen.

This is more than afghan, this is more like blanket!! :)

The squares are from Pricilla's pattern "Carousel"

More detail will write later... At this moment .. enjoy :)

Taken from 2nd floor ... if not I cant take the whole afghan's pictures! :)

Can you count how many squares on this afghan?

Details :

The popped up squares was crocheted with bigger needles howeve I was too lazy to ripped it and started over... ;p
More details :

Hanging down under the sun took only 1 hour to get it dry! :)

I saw a chamellon when I was drying the afghan.. It was on the progress on changing its color. It also ran out very quickly right after I took the picture. So this was the only pictures I had.

I had finished the brown shirt from Spring 2006 Keitodama Let's Knit Series. I had sewn all up and wore it to my cousin's wedding matrimony at the Buddhist Temple. Too bad I had not chance to take any pictures from the occasion.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Closing of Project Spectrum - Doily and Squares

Project Spectrum had finished 2 months ago, as for the latest months I had worked on the squares for neutral color, not only black and white but also brown -light, medium and dark brown.

I had crocheted the doily too called Flowering Pineapple Doily, however I am having problem on the round 22. The patterns was free, taken from You guys can check that website, they have lots of things, knit, crochet, sewing, plastic-canvas, cross-stitch.

Till I can resolved the mystery on round 22 instruction, this doily will remain in my plastic bag (yah I put it there, to reduce dust and missing thread balls..)

And these are the squares after I finished crocheted for 4 months.... can you count the total squares?

I had finished sewn up or assemblied all together using slip stich and put 8 rows of borders all around, started from the inside to outer border, 2 rows from each color - white, cream, dark brown and black, alternating single crochet and half double for each rows or double crochet for both rows depends on the yarn. I had washed and now already put that on our 3 seaters sofa. Would come back with the final result pictures :)