Tuesday, April 10, 2007

2 LBS of YARNS!!

Or maybe I should call this thread instaed of yarn? :p

Well, this huge skein of yarn probably already in my stash about 3 years, I was so shock when it arrived from my purchase at ebay. It's so huge and it wasnt wound by the selelr to reduce the cost (lighter weight when it come in skein form).

So last weekend , I am thinking to better do something with this yarn. I already have the winder and yarn swift, but alas!! Those 2 are could not handle this 2 lbs yarns!!

(the left is DMC Pethra, the very thin in middle is this yarn, and the right is sock weight yarn that used as tie on this skein)

So I got to put it in the chairs, using 2 of these kind of chairs and then i made a ball aka winding by my hand.

After 2 days, (about 18 hrs winding for total 2 days) I still have about 300-400 grams left... I dont have the energy... Geez... Still not sure what I am gonna to do with yarn... it call for shawl... but havent got exact pattern in mind...ummm...