Saturday, May 20, 2006

i am here...

i am still alive and apologize for all of you that already dropped in this page and still seen the green bird for few weeks!!

up till yesterday, i had finished like 50 square (carousel) for our sofa at the living room... still 50 more to go.
i plan to take the pictures of it and shared with you tomorrow.

2 days i started another project, a kiri shawl from All Tangled Up , using cotton yarn, and it's .. ehm.. a new stash... *hik* since it's color baby purple-bluish.. it can consider a too early project for project spectrum..;p

so... see you tomorrow people..;)

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

welcome spring ... welcome green...

welcome green!! after being spoilt for whole month with lovely pink and fiery red and cute orange and yellow..our eyes now being cooling down with this refreshing green.

for some of you who stayed in 4 seasons area, i am glad winter was over now, as for us who living in tropical island, well.. goodbye raining welcome hot hot hot sun shine!! :)

this is something green first for may :

so cute!!!!