Wednesday, June 22, 2005

my first catalog!!

i know i should post this like on monday, but it's ok coz the happiness still linger in me .. :) that afternoon it's the most very good thing to cooling down my brain fer long tired meeting.. i just sat down like a minute, and ready to write down the minutes of meeting, and the office girl approached to my desk and gave me this very colorful kind like magazine.. a big grin on my face!! my first catalog!!! ;) i was expecting nothing when i just tried my luck to ask them their catalog.. but here it is... cool!! :) thanks patternworks .. the yarn are lovely. they also have koigu yarn, and their collection are great!! i love yarns! :) they have great selections for books and tools too.

i know this may sound very silly, that i am so happy just with catalog... perhaps if later i can get theyarn like this, ummm... perhaps i would got crazy from happy.. he.. he... so, till that time come, i will just enjoy the yarn pictures first ;)

i have finished the sleeve part today, this time i am following different order than i used do, which were back-right-left-sleeves. this time the orders are: back-left-sleeve.

i like this kind of order coz i can see how the project will look when it finished.

so, how about you all, do you follow the traditional order or do like me?

one of the knit teacher i met in a yarn store, told me that she sometimes do the sleeves first, coz she will feel that the project would be finished faster.. kind of good psychology you think? if you feel your project finished faster, you may not get bored and less of UFOs hidden down the yarn stash...

patternworks catalog summer 2005 Posted by Hello

lace cardigan from patternworks catalog Posted by Hello

Koigu Merino Yarn @ patternworks Summer 2005 catalog Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

My Picture!!

finally!! i can posted my picture's nice to see my blog now have a something to see other than just letter :)
here are the crocheted yellow bag, pattern from coat and clark - i made this from a nylon string. hurted my fingers quite bad.. but the result ... i like this!!
i love this coz, this was my first stuffs that colored yellow!!

coat and clark - crocheted yellow bag Posted by Hello

Monday, June 13, 2005

frogging and new looks

weekend.. saturday afternoon, i was rushed to finished the motif of torso part from my lavender cardigan, and i already reached the shaping on the middle of torso part, which was on row 70- something, then, boom!! i seen something weird... and i stared to the pattern, and whatta!!! i skipped the shapping, which are supposed to do started on row 14!!!
with the so hot outside, this finding really turned down my enthusiasm.. *sigh* then i remembered i read
marian's, her doing frogging with her fair-isle vests.. which was really turned down if that happened to me... imagine, frogging all the yarns!!! that's true that we are really should learn something from other people experience..
so, with new spirit, i was frogged once again to row 15, and worked with this project for couple hours and reached on row 40 something...*sigh*

back to office, i got nice email from cyn, showed her crocheted bolero or shrugs she made for her dd and dd's friends.. hard to choose which i like most, all of them are lovely!!

good news, i already got approval from asian knitters web, and could added the ring sign on my blog!! and then to added some colors, i decided to put the counter, i choose apple.. yumm..yum.... remind me to keep in shape and also my diet..;p

finished downloading hello program, but still got difficulty regarding the ftp or something to put my pictures on the site... got to learn about this more....

Sunday, June 05, 2005

more of finished projects

bright and hot at here today.. i bet outside is about 32 celcius degrees!! i got sweat even when i took the pictures of projects.
back to my projects, here are some more that i would like to share with you all, the yellow crochet from Coats and Clarks free pattern, the microshine schachenmayr microshane cardigan, the 2buttons gedifra vest, the glove. there are some un-finished/undecided projects like the red bag (from daphne's free red hot sling bag) and will-be-soon pillow cover.

all these projects was finished about 1-2 years ago. I havent got chance to wear the cardigan,only the vest. and you know what, when i wear it during the meeting, one of my colleague can tell that the vest in hand -knitted vest, and i got some questions from work mates too.. like how long i made this, is it warm enaugh to wear at the rainy season here in jakarta,

other things i also put my brothers crochet work.. the white shawl and the other one, he hasnt decided what it would become...perhaps you can help and give some sugestions? i told him to make a bedspread coz i think the detail would be great for bedspread...

there were also some cell phone pouches that i was made, after my experiment with thread dyed.. using dylon colloring. it turn out good shine and shading to the nylon thread rather than cotton thread. seems the cotton cant reflect the shine after coloring. or perhaps it could be if i am using mercerized cotton like dmc instead of this kitchen thread cotton...;)

Friday, June 03, 2005

another finished projects - hairpin lace and 1 roses shawl

here are some other finished projects, using hairpin lace - crocheted shawl and the triangle 1 roses shawl.
the hairpin lace is very very light shawl, so it's more like a accessories rather than for warm up my neck.
the 1 roses shawl was from same pattern like the 5 roses shawl, but I added some fringes. Believe or not, I need 1 whole day to put on the fringes !!.

when I met
Marian , I brought this shawl to show off.. :-)
for me, her visit to Jakarta was very suprising, too bad I cant take her to the yarn stores. Compared to Singapore or Hong Kong, I think our yarn stores here have more limited variance. Most of the stores are sell Japan and Europe yarn. one of franchise stores have more American brand stocks. (like Sirdar yarn).

oh ya, I forgot to tell, I was subscribed to some groups last month like luxury_crochet, crochet_bags, creativekorner, crazyladyhouseholdhints, aranknit (where Marian knew about me ;p) and yarnaholics_anynomous. Umm...hopefully I am not missed one group... there is also a group called rajutan (a term that can refer to knit and crochet), a local group, this group already mentioned in Indonesia Cosmopolitan Mag coz the editor -if I am not mistaken- are crazy to knit!! (free ad!!)

I can say, all the members from those groups are very welcoming and helpfull. I want to say thanks to you all, for your replies on my questions, sharing the jokes, sites/links with beautiful stuffs. Hi Debbie, Joann, Karen, Blondie, Marian and once again Cynthia ..thanks a lot ;-)

This weekend I plan to take some more pictures of my bag, the doily (pineapple peacock), vest and schachenmayr micro shine cardigan...(i love making cardigan) and for sure my stash..*blushing*

As always, dont forgot to drop by and put your comments.. :)

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Pictures of Finished Projects

Since I am still learning how to post pictures in blog site and with the encouragement of my friend Cyn (nice lady from luxury crochet), so here are some of finished projects, some are knitted, others are crocheted.

My fave is the 5 roses shawl.
This shawl, taken about 5 skeins of Orion Glace Yarn (each skein is 100 gr), crochet using 1 mm steel hook.
When I took this picture, I just realized the size of this shawl, it's can be a bed cover of queen size bed!! :-)
For sure this is one of my most fave finished projects.

Just click on the title to see the pictures to see the album
Hope you all enjoy..:-)