Monday, June 13, 2005

frogging and new looks

weekend.. saturday afternoon, i was rushed to finished the motif of torso part from my lavender cardigan, and i already reached the shaping on the middle of torso part, which was on row 70- something, then, boom!! i seen something weird... and i stared to the pattern, and whatta!!! i skipped the shapping, which are supposed to do started on row 14!!!
with the so hot outside, this finding really turned down my enthusiasm.. *sigh* then i remembered i read
marian's, her doing frogging with her fair-isle vests.. which was really turned down if that happened to me... imagine, frogging all the yarns!!! that's true that we are really should learn something from other people experience..
so, with new spirit, i was frogged once again to row 15, and worked with this project for couple hours and reached on row 40 something...*sigh*

back to office, i got nice email from cyn, showed her crocheted bolero or shrugs she made for her dd and dd's friends.. hard to choose which i like most, all of them are lovely!!

good news, i already got approval from asian knitters web, and could added the ring sign on my blog!! and then to added some colors, i decided to put the counter, i choose apple.. yumm..yum.... remind me to keep in shape and also my diet..;p

finished downloading hello program, but still got difficulty regarding the ftp or something to put my pictures on the site... got to learn about this more....

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