Saturday, July 30, 2005

baby afghan and the receiver :-)

finally!!! after non stop working every day (on weekend) and every night (weekday) for 3 weeks.. i can finished the this baby afghan!!!
i made combined with 3 type of patterns, the fan looked alike, the bubbles and the crossed/diagonal.
it turned out about 150 cms in square.. i hope it really fit with the baby.. i know he is a premmie but still this is my first afghan!!!!

this project supposed to be working in 2 months.. but since the little baby HJ wanted to see the world so quickly, I got only 3 weeks to finished and during that 3 weeks, i havent seen him...hope he like this.

i got the feeling this soft baby green colored very suitable with him.. after i finished it , the afghan is very soft texture, very smooth.. i am definitely want to work with this sirdar breeze cotton dk next time.. and i will for sure, since i still have the stash from same brand for other colors... light yellow and the blue.... and also the pink... got lots of balls of each colors!! ummm... thinking what kind of project i would do on that yarn next..

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so here are the closer detail from baby afghan look like...

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and on Sunday of the 3rd week, me and mom paid visit to my cousin house... and here he is... he is very tiny baby... mind you, he only about 2.8 kilograms... and 7 month on his mom's belly... he.. he..
i wasnt dare to hold him or carry him on my arms... he looked very peaceful sleeping in his cute little box...
when he toook out for drinking time (breast feeding and baby milk), not long after that he was peed... he.. he.. from his crying, we can see this baby would be alright.. will grow up and healthy.
he is very strong too, when his grandma wrapped him with the batik to keep him arm, she put his tiny hands inside the wrap, few seconds later, he was struggling to free his by one...then do kinda like stretching, her grandma put his hand back to the wrap after few minutes let him feel the freedom.. he.. he...
so, while he is feeling warm and fulll, he took a chance to looking around and observing us with his tiny eyes and i was tooke chance to take a pict of him..;)

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welcome to the world HJ... grow up healthy and strong... *kiss on cheeks*

Thursday, July 21, 2005

my first baby hat project

is the baby's season? he..he.. i wondered bcoz since i was working with the baby blanket, lots of baby's topic came up from every corners...:-)

a consultant who working in my office for a project was approached me last wed during a lunch break, and asked me whether i agree if she want to order a baby hat as a gift for her friend who just gave a baby girl few days ago. it's very good surprise :)
she asked the color should pink (what else.. he.. he.. he..) and coz our shedule so busy, she said she will be agree with whatever the model of baby hat.
since i quite confused with her and not sure whether she was serious with her offer, then the next day i brought my green baby blanket to show her, that if she like, i will use the same yarn brand which will be sirdar breeze cotton rich dk.
so, after she take a look from it, she said she agree and still no design or instruction gave from her. on sat, i was tested my creativity after looking around the baby patterns that i have like from lion brand and some others, so here it is... i made kind like rib then following by bubbles and all the way up using double crochet.
i crocheted circle around, however when up to the next round, instead of having the right side facing, i turned the project and crocheted to the opposite way.
after few rounds, i did come decreased and finally got the top.
to make it more cheerful i added a marron ribbon.
so here it is... :-) i put it on my teddy's since i dont have any object that i can try whether the size fit the baby hat. my mom said this hat would fit for new born until 1 year old.
so here it is.. i am still doing my baby blanket .... about 30 rows to go... and got to finished by sat!! so.. crochet.. crochet..crochet....

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Sunday, July 10, 2005

crochet's interruption

i was finished with the 2nd front part of my lavender cardigan project, only leave the sleeve. however since i just exactmeaning from the let's knit series pattern, i think i better frog the back part..sigh..
with this frog things.. make me a bit lazy ... but my hands and my minds still want to do something with the hooks and needles.
i was emailed to siow chin few weeks ago about the stashbuster, even i haven't join with the group yet, i would like to reduce my stash.
looking at my stash i am still wondering what i am going with these self-dyed nylon (as an experiment, i made lots of these, about 30 skeins ..hik...hik...) there are blue, pink, peach, gold, olive green and marron. not mention the white (non-dyed).
so, i digged out my collection of granny square pattern (free from
pricilia hewitt) and then i picked the peach and thinking about the sofa pillow cover... i may need to mixed with other color, like blue or here it is

peach_fisherman's ring
Posted by Picasa

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and then i got itchy with the gold colored, so here it is

gold_pillowcvr Posted by Picasa

originally it was a coasterm, but with these size for just 1 piece, i only need about 8 for 1 sofa pillow cover...:p

then, few days ago, my cousin was gave birth, c-section. it was an emergency thing, since she got poisonnous from one of wedding banquet. got very bad diarhea like 4 days, and she was 7 months pregnant!!
so the doctor doesnt want to take any more risk, after few days in patient, finally the doctor ask her to do the c-section.
the baby is boy (now they have 3 boys!!!) and very tiny, only 2.9 kilograms. they put the baby now in NICU (ICU for baby..sigh).
with 2 months faster than expected, i got to hurry up with the baby afghan i want to give her as present. and i got this pattern as my inspiration , because i mixed with the pattern from marrymaxim (illusion crochet afghan)

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so i dig out again my stash, and here i got the sirdar breeze 100g with baby green color.. very soft.

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this project become my highest priority now. hope the baby will be ok soon. i dont know how long he will be in NICU. we really pray for this baby, hoped you all who read this can pray for this little tiny baby and his mom.