Thursday, July 21, 2005

my first baby hat project

is the baby's season? he..he.. i wondered bcoz since i was working with the baby blanket, lots of baby's topic came up from every corners...:-)

a consultant who working in my office for a project was approached me last wed during a lunch break, and asked me whether i agree if she want to order a baby hat as a gift for her friend who just gave a baby girl few days ago. it's very good surprise :)
she asked the color should pink (what else.. he.. he.. he..) and coz our shedule so busy, she said she will be agree with whatever the model of baby hat.
since i quite confused with her and not sure whether she was serious with her offer, then the next day i brought my green baby blanket to show her, that if she like, i will use the same yarn brand which will be sirdar breeze cotton rich dk.
so, after she take a look from it, she said she agree and still no design or instruction gave from her. on sat, i was tested my creativity after looking around the baby patterns that i have like from lion brand and some others, so here it is... i made kind like rib then following by bubbles and all the way up using double crochet.
i crocheted circle around, however when up to the next round, instead of having the right side facing, i turned the project and crocheted to the opposite way.
after few rounds, i did come decreased and finally got the top.
to make it more cheerful i added a marron ribbon.
so here it is... :-) i put it on my teddy's since i dont have any object that i can try whether the size fit the baby hat. my mom said this hat would fit for new born until 1 year old.
so here it is.. i am still doing my baby blanket .... about 30 rows to go... and got to finished by sat!! so.. crochet.. crochet..crochet....

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