Sunday, July 10, 2005

crochet's interruption

i was finished with the 2nd front part of my lavender cardigan project, only leave the sleeve. however since i just exactmeaning from the let's knit series pattern, i think i better frog the back part..sigh..
with this frog things.. make me a bit lazy ... but my hands and my minds still want to do something with the hooks and needles.
i was emailed to siow chin few weeks ago about the stashbuster, even i haven't join with the group yet, i would like to reduce my stash.
looking at my stash i am still wondering what i am going with these self-dyed nylon (as an experiment, i made lots of these, about 30 skeins ..hik...hik...) there are blue, pink, peach, gold, olive green and marron. not mention the white (non-dyed).
so, i digged out my collection of granny square pattern (free from
pricilia hewitt) and then i picked the peach and thinking about the sofa pillow cover... i may need to mixed with other color, like blue or here it is

peach_fisherman's ring
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peach_fishermanrings01 Posted by Picasa

and then i got itchy with the gold colored, so here it is

gold_pillowcvr Posted by Picasa

originally it was a coasterm, but with these size for just 1 piece, i only need about 8 for 1 sofa pillow cover...:p

then, few days ago, my cousin was gave birth, c-section. it was an emergency thing, since she got poisonnous from one of wedding banquet. got very bad diarhea like 4 days, and she was 7 months pregnant!!
so the doctor doesnt want to take any more risk, after few days in patient, finally the doctor ask her to do the c-section.
the baby is boy (now they have 3 boys!!!) and very tiny, only 2.9 kilograms. they put the baby now in NICU (ICU for baby..sigh).
with 2 months faster than expected, i got to hurry up with the baby afghan i want to give her as present. and i got this pattern as my inspiration , because i mixed with the pattern from marrymaxim (illusion crochet afghan)

inspiration pattern Posted by Picasa

so i dig out again my stash, and here i got the sirdar breeze 100g with baby green color.. very soft.

green_bubblebabyafghan02 Posted by Picasa

this project become my highest priority now. hope the baby will be ok soon. i dont know how long he will be in NICU. we really pray for this baby, hoped you all who read this can pray for this little tiny baby and his mom.


Kathy said...

Sending prayers for the baby and family. I hope he is soon strong enough to bring home.

yuvee said...

Don't worry, he'll be fine! I had 2 nephews who were born premature too. One of them weighed only 2.8 kg! But now they're all big and healthy ;)