Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Yippe!! Long weekend!! (updated -- with picts)

August 17th, 2006

August 17th was 61st of Indonesia Independence Day and then on 21st is another holiday (enlightment day of Prophet Muhammad), that means, I had 2 days extra to picked up my projects!!!

I have finished my squares for the colorful afghan, and following the project spectrum for august is neutral (incl. black and white), i worked on black, white and cream/off white yarn. I also added the brown colors range. From Dark brown, light brown and dark cream.

(done: squares pict added on 28/8/06 ~~ -- soon : this space allocated for square pictures!! )

While working with the squares I was also picked my kiri shawl, and finished it on August 16th Midnight!!
Got to tidy the yarns and also had done some blocking, however even I already pinned for 2 days, it still not really stretch flat. My Kiri still have the bumpy part on the back.
But I love this.. ;)

(promise is fullfilled at 28/6/0 ~~~ another promise : this space allocated for my kiri shawl)

Possibly it caused the cotton yarn I am using. But usually it will stretched flat after blocking., like the rose shawl that I crocheted last year (**gasp!! it's last year already?? time really flying fast!!)

Next lace project, I like to start with the Mystery Shawl KAL2 that already finished by some members of the groups... This is a lovely shawl to knit on, however with good experience learnt from Kiri Shawl, I probably got to re-think about using cotton yarn (I am thinking DMC thread... Ummm... a good reason to add some yarn in my stash...? :)

latest update: Can you guess the mystery shawl called?

Monday, August 07, 2006

my new stash :)

what a long pause that I took from my last post till today. Got to admitted that I was too lazy or too hot (yes it also hot in here too.. most of days in weeks the sun shining very diligently and very bright!!).
Most of my projects are on the needles at this moment and most of the time I much more into the knitting patterns books.
Talking about books, in my country, most of the books crochet/knit patterns are imported, either from Japan, China, Australia or US. With internet, we are much blessed with hundreds of sites that provide free patterns.
However, sometimes when reading other fellows' blog about their excitement with the new knit magazine or books, we would like too. So, here I was went visit to Interweave, Amazon and Elann .
Few months ago I was went to amazon and got crazy he.. he... after about 3-4 weeks, finally I got my books...
1. Yarn Harlot's At Knit's End - Meditation for Woman who Knit Too Much -> this is Stephanie's first book. It's good for pocket book and love it... funny and how true :)
2. Yarn Harlot's Knitting Rules - the 3rd Stephanie's book -> the secrets and all knitter's should learn before they start the project either socks, hats, jackets/sweater, shawl, mittens, etc.
3. The best of Knitter's Magazine Shawls and Scarfs -> very beautiful lace!!
4. Interweave Knitters Magz -> I got to wait like 3 months to get my summer issue, while I was still waiting for my spring 2006 issues (seems my spring issues taking longer trip than my summer's edition. Emailed the interweave and they said they have no stocks and will send me one once they re-print it again, i got it already though, my spring issue came 2 weeks ago, and they already start for Fall 2006!!).
5. Folk Shawl by Cheryl Oberle -> good patterns with history behind each one.
6. Heirlom Knitting by - S. Miller (i forgot her name..) -> this is abselutly amazing lace knitting book!! All serious lace knitter , you got to have this one!! All the theories, tip and tricks.. amazing!!
7. A Gathering of Lace -> Meg Swansen -> Finally I bought this one too and I will regret if I am not buy one!! Love all the paterns inside. It's all about lace for your socks, mittens, babies, sweaters, tablecloths which can turn as a big shawl, scarfs, shawls..:)
8. Mason-Dixon Knitting -> I asked my sis to bought it for me while she was flew to SF...It was out of stock (no need to ask why..;p) but 2 months later she finally can found it 1 for me!!

And these 2 are Knitting Magazine from Japan - Spring 2006 Let's Knit Series and Spring 2006 from Keitodama. I am blind about japanese language but all the patterns are written in charts and this is the methode that we familiar with.

I like this shrug... simple and eye catching... :)

These 2 are from China (Taiwan published)... Like japanese books these also using lots of charts and images showing step by step instructions. The right side is How To Finger's Knit Book... Something nice to try and can be a good activity during plane trip while needle and hook are not allow to bring in the cabin.

Amigurumi from Finger's Knitting book, they are cute pandas!!

Bought at Kinokuniya bookstore here at Plaza Senayan. Compilation of good selections of lace. All are crocheted, and I like it all :) he.. he..

Last but not least, Encyclopedia of the Dog!! Good book to know all dogs type. My sis gave it to me. She bought this on sale while she was in US if I am not mistaken, and the price only like US$ 10 (will check it out again..;)

So, other than pick up my needles or hooks, I have huge piles of books to cover them in plastic cover. I already bought 2 rolls and sadly the needles and yarns are calling me louder than the books..:p Bad I knew but cant help.. :-)