Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Yippe!! Long weekend!! (updated -- with picts)

August 17th, 2006

August 17th was 61st of Indonesia Independence Day and then on 21st is another holiday (enlightment day of Prophet Muhammad), that means, I had 2 days extra to picked up my projects!!!

I have finished my squares for the colorful afghan, and following the project spectrum for august is neutral (incl. black and white), i worked on black, white and cream/off white yarn. I also added the brown colors range. From Dark brown, light brown and dark cream.

(done: squares pict added on 28/8/06 ~~ -- soon : this space allocated for square pictures!! )

While working with the squares I was also picked my kiri shawl, and finished it on August 16th Midnight!!
Got to tidy the yarns and also had done some blocking, however even I already pinned for 2 days, it still not really stretch flat. My Kiri still have the bumpy part on the back.
But I love this.. ;)

(promise is fullfilled at 28/6/0 ~~~ another promise : this space allocated for my kiri shawl)

Possibly it caused the cotton yarn I am using. But usually it will stretched flat after blocking., like the rose shawl that I crocheted last year (**gasp!! it's last year already?? time really flying fast!!)

Next lace project, I like to start with the Mystery Shawl KAL2 that already finished by some members of the groups... This is a lovely shawl to knit on, however with good experience learnt from Kiri Shawl, I probably got to re-think about using cotton yarn (I am thinking DMC thread... Ummm... a good reason to add some yarn in my stash...? :)

latest update: Can you guess the mystery shawl called?

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