Saturday, April 15, 2006

red-pink project spectrum - part 1

it supposed to be posted last month, since the pink-red theme from project spectrum was on march (always mistaken with feb. .. guess it becoz of pink thing....)
and these are my first attempt of making baby stuffs... i like to knitting all these cute things.. those planning to be my gift for my friend, whom pregnant her second kid and most likely would a girl.

i can say, for who you like to see quick result, making babies stuff is one of them.. i can finished these booties in about 2 hrs. not too bad...;)

Myers's book The Joy of Knitting is a good one.. I got it in the book store who have sale.. and this one was about 80% disc... go to have it!! :).. it's hardcover too.. but put aside the cover when i reading the book.

and this one was on my plan to crochet using hairpin lace.. but not so into it at this moment.. so perhaps...later...;)