Monday, September 25, 2006

S.E.X in Hot July!

aka stash enrichment xperience.. specially for free!! Who would not like it? I meant if we -knitter/crocheter- been questioned, whether we would like to have it? 99.99% among us would be said "Yes! Sure!! Are you out of your mind to ask such question??! .. he.. he..

That's happened to me.. he..'s appeared that one of my coworker has to stash this in his house after her mom change her heart to origami. He asked me that after he knew that seen me shopped some yarns more often than he saw me shopped for clothes..:)

So, after a week or so, in july (yes in july, I knew I am keeping this too long..sorry..;p) he brought 1 big plastic bag, 10 kilograms size.. contained all the yarns.. the plastic bag was covered with dust and looked greyish and the rubber band also already dried.. he.. he.
I found it in the morning, he put it under my desk, so it's like very "big" suprise.. which was meaning literally big too .. ;) Thanks buddy!!

Most of the yarns are acrylic and all already discontinued, at least in area where I live now. One of the brand, kinlon just discontinued few months ago. All these yarns were imported, either from Singapore or Taiwan. And the reason it's been discontinued because the importer was bankrupt.. very sad to hear that.

This one called acrylic, but very soft more like cotton thread for me

Guess what, I also received these two.. scarry for me... 2 heads, without body, only have some parts of legs and arms... remind me of chucky...

Other than the yarns I also received some un-finished projects, too bad without any patterns I cant continued some of lovely works... Like this one:

As for these, I probably will ripped off and thinking make something else..

What i am going to do with these all stuffs? how about afghan? how about poncho for baby? or pillow? baby blanket? doily? or log cabin rug? or tea pot cover? some are made from good acrylic that not feel too plastic, some are quite harsh to use it as wearable stuffs that directly contact with the skin. I love the idea of gingham motif blanket, or chevron or granny square, could be knit could crochet..would be lovely..however would like to make something fast too.. he.. he.. any ideas.. please share :)

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Lily said...

Hi, just found your blog. Yarn for free? OMG. Envy you.