Wednesday, June 22, 2005

my first catalog!!

i know i should post this like on monday, but it's ok coz the happiness still linger in me .. :) that afternoon it's the most very good thing to cooling down my brain fer long tired meeting.. i just sat down like a minute, and ready to write down the minutes of meeting, and the office girl approached to my desk and gave me this very colorful kind like magazine.. a big grin on my face!! my first catalog!!! ;) i was expecting nothing when i just tried my luck to ask them their catalog.. but here it is... cool!! :) thanks patternworks .. the yarn are lovely. they also have koigu yarn, and their collection are great!! i love yarns! :) they have great selections for books and tools too.

i know this may sound very silly, that i am so happy just with catalog... perhaps if later i can get theyarn like this, ummm... perhaps i would got crazy from happy.. he.. he... so, till that time come, i will just enjoy the yarn pictures first ;)

i have finished the sleeve part today, this time i am following different order than i used do, which were back-right-left-sleeves. this time the orders are: back-left-sleeve.

i like this kind of order coz i can see how the project will look when it finished.

so, how about you all, do you follow the traditional order or do like me?

one of the knit teacher i met in a yarn store, told me that she sometimes do the sleeves first, coz she will feel that the project would be finished faster.. kind of good psychology you think? if you feel your project finished faster, you may not get bored and less of UFOs hidden down the yarn stash...

patternworks catalog summer 2005 Posted by Hello

lace cardigan from patternworks catalog Posted by Hello

Koigu Merino Yarn @ patternworks Summer 2005 catalog Posted by Hello


emy said...

That seems to be a great catalog. Any interesting items?

opportunityknits said...

Hi Tanti, I got one of their catalogues last year and there's one feature I like very much - they give you the yarn details like gauge and yardage.

tanti said...

hi emy,

this catalog is about 40 colorful pages, most of it yarns, yarns, yarns, the patterns from related yarns, books, pattern leafets, needles both for crochet and knit, the yarn spinning stuffs, neddles cases, project tote bags,yarn holders.

like erin said, for each yarn, they put gauge, yardage, recommended project to make.

for koigu yarn, they told how to choose the koigu yarn. since it's colorful.. if you want to mix the yarn, the suggestion is choose the yarn that have close shading range.

yuvee said...

Oh wow, those Koigu look amazing! And I notice that there's a pattern for Adrienne Vittadini's lace cardigan, pretty! It seems like a great catalog to me too, where can I get it?

tanti said...

hi yuvee,
go check on the, they have special icon for catalog request :)

good luck ;)