Sunday, June 05, 2005

more of finished projects

bright and hot at here today.. i bet outside is about 32 celcius degrees!! i got sweat even when i took the pictures of projects.
back to my projects, here are some more that i would like to share with you all, the yellow crochet from Coats and Clarks free pattern, the microshine schachenmayr microshane cardigan, the 2buttons gedifra vest, the glove. there are some un-finished/undecided projects like the red bag (from daphne's free red hot sling bag) and will-be-soon pillow cover.

all these projects was finished about 1-2 years ago. I havent got chance to wear the cardigan,only the vest. and you know what, when i wear it during the meeting, one of my colleague can tell that the vest in hand -knitted vest, and i got some questions from work mates too.. like how long i made this, is it warm enaugh to wear at the rainy season here in jakarta,

other things i also put my brothers crochet work.. the white shawl and the other one, he hasnt decided what it would become...perhaps you can help and give some sugestions? i told him to make a bedspread coz i think the detail would be great for bedspread...

there were also some cell phone pouches that i was made, after my experiment with thread dyed.. using dylon colloring. it turn out good shine and shading to the nylon thread rather than cotton thread. seems the cotton cant reflect the shine after coloring. or perhaps it could be if i am using mercerized cotton like dmc instead of this kitchen thread cotton...;)


mp said...

try using hello from picasa and it's part of blogger. It downloads photos from your pictures very easily.

sally said...

Love your gedifra 2 button vest, very nice!

Cara said...

Hi Tanti,

Those items are very nice.
Your brother is really great. I like his crochet works too.

Hope to see more of your finished items in the future.