Friday, June 03, 2005

another finished projects - hairpin lace and 1 roses shawl

here are some other finished projects, using hairpin lace - crocheted shawl and the triangle 1 roses shawl.
the hairpin lace is very very light shawl, so it's more like a accessories rather than for warm up my neck.
the 1 roses shawl was from same pattern like the 5 roses shawl, but I added some fringes. Believe or not, I need 1 whole day to put on the fringes !!.

when I met
Marian , I brought this shawl to show off.. :-)
for me, her visit to Jakarta was very suprising, too bad I cant take her to the yarn stores. Compared to Singapore or Hong Kong, I think our yarn stores here have more limited variance. Most of the stores are sell Japan and Europe yarn. one of franchise stores have more American brand stocks. (like Sirdar yarn).

oh ya, I forgot to tell, I was subscribed to some groups last month like luxury_crochet, crochet_bags, creativekorner, crazyladyhouseholdhints, aranknit (where Marian knew about me ;p) and yarnaholics_anynomous. Umm...hopefully I am not missed one group... there is also a group called rajutan (a term that can refer to knit and crochet), a local group, this group already mentioned in Indonesia Cosmopolitan Mag coz the editor -if I am not mistaken- are crazy to knit!! (free ad!!)

I can say, all the members from those groups are very welcoming and helpfull. I want to say thanks to you all, for your replies on my questions, sharing the jokes, sites/links with beautiful stuffs. Hi Debbie, Joann, Karen, Blondie, Marian and once again Cynthia ..thanks a lot ;-)

This weekend I plan to take some more pictures of my bag, the doily (pineapple peacock), vest and schachenmayr micro shine cardigan...(i love making cardigan) and for sure my stash..*blushing*

As always, dont forgot to drop by and put your comments.. :)


emy said...

Hi Tanti,

Congratulations on your new blog!
You ought to tell us on the sg list :)

mp said...

Hi Tanti,
I'm adding your blog to my contact list. Congrats.

tanti said...

thank you emy and marian :)