Tuesday, June 14, 2005

My Picture!!

finally!! i can posted my picture here..it's nice to see my blog now have a something to see other than just letter :)
here are the crocheted yellow bag, pattern from coat and clark - i made this from a nylon string. hurted my fingers quite bad.. but the result ... i like this!!
i love this coz, this was my first stuffs that colored yellow!!

coat and clark - crocheted yellow bag Posted by Hello


Siow Chin said...

The bag is super cool! I love to make bags too and will go and search for the pattern. Is it available online?

tanti said...

hi Siow Chin !
you can find the pattern at coats and clark site.

to other,
for exact link address, please email me privately, becoz i think i should ask permission first from coats and clark if i want to put to their free pattern link :)