Saturday, May 20, 2006

i am here...

i am still alive and apologize for all of you that already dropped in this page and still seen the green bird for few weeks!!

up till yesterday, i had finished like 50 square (carousel) for our sofa at the living room... still 50 more to go.
i plan to take the pictures of it and shared with you tomorrow.

2 days i started another project, a kiri shawl from All Tangled Up , using cotton yarn, and it's .. ehm.. a new stash... *hik* since it's color baby purple-bluish.. it can consider a too early project for project spectrum..;p

so... see you tomorrow people..;)


Alex said...

Tanti! I'm so glad you and your family were safe in the earthquake and none of you were hurt! I hope that the volcano settles down soon.
from Creative Korner

tanti said...

Thank you Alex. I wish and pray for that too.