Thursday, June 01, 2006

the color of life

been in very lazy period to update my blog.. i have some pictures now!! all this time I was diligently crochet the squares following the colors theme from Project Spectrum.
few months ago, i think started in march, i bought all colors range, each 1 skeins (except indigo, white, blacks, beiges and grey) to crochet squares from Patricia Hewitt's patterns.

Since all the skeins come up with color number instead of name, i named it by myself ( i got to dig the left over from each skeins and checked for the labels).

Now.. here it is my squares from March Project Spectrum, which was RED and PINK.. so I have pale pink, pink, hot pink, magenta, chili red, red wine and red...he.. he..

And these are from April - ORANGE and YELLOW:

And these the latest months, May - GREEN... watch out for the spotlight colors ... those greens almost blinded my eyes while i crocheted it.. ;p

totally i think i had crocheted like 70's of them, since i had grey and indigo blue before this project spectrum began, my estimatition i need to make like 30 more squares...

last week when I went to LYS (not really Local.. since it located in south part of jakarta and my house in north part.. he.. he..)i have eyes with this yarn... it's japanese yarn, mercerized cotton with sparkle thread plying together. Using yarn harlot terms, this yarn talked to me.. turn me to a shawl.. and deep in my mind, i already plan to make a kiri (from Tangle Up), i bought 1 package (10 skeins, each skeins has 56 metres.. short i know, that's why I bought 10!!) .

i like knitting this kiri.. simple chart and easy to memorize after the 2nd repeat for chart 2..i already on my 6th skein now and perhaps i will do like 14-15 repeats of chart 2 to get bigger size.. this what kiri wrong side look like when i am knitting it:

if other color may added in this project spectrum , it would be black.

I would like to thanks for all my friends that had checked me out regarding the earthquake happened last week in central java. thank you cynthia that already emailed me, once she heard about it... sorry for the late reply cyns. i am fine but people who living in south of central java had got this terrible disaster. more than 4000 people died. Thanks God that support and help both in material and medical already started, from some countries too, like Malaysia, Singapore, US, China, Japan and United Nations. Thank you to you all. God is not in good mood lately.


tyas said...

Love those great colors of your squares. What is it gonna be?
LYS...where is it exactly tanti?

tanti said...

hi tyas,

it's gonna be an afghan in the living room..:-)
the LYS i refered to is the one in ITC Kuningan...;)

Dina said...

The squares are a great idea for Project Spectrum and they are beautiful! I can't wait to see the finished afghan!

yuvee said...

Love the squares ;)

Alex said...

woo! love all the great colors! they look really pretty!