Friday, June 23, 2006

a different kind of stitch

i am feeling lately knitting needles much more on the stash bag.. maybe since it now summer and people love to get out and feel fresh air and warming their body under the sun.

the trend in needle craft starting moving to other kinds like cross stitch and patchwork (quilt) or a bit of sewing..;)

as for me, when i was in school (elementry and high school), we still have craft teacher (do they still have now?) . the craft class was separate between girls and boys. boys having typing class (using old manual type machine.. a good work-out for our fingers, compare typing on our light keyboard now). the girls, we had cooking, sewing, cross stitching, embroidery ( a bit of hardanger style too).

sewing class was not too bad, it's fun too, when we practiced the skirt pattern (A line model), my mom forget to bought the fabrics, then she offered the fabric stash she had. at a glance, it looks big enaugh for my body size.

guess what, when i copy the pattern to the fabric, i found that it was not enaugh!! the pattern consist of 4 parts, 2 parts of fronts and 2 parts of backs. my fabric only can fit fo 3 parts plus the waist band.. he.. he.. at other time, we made a shirt too, and i brought enaugh fabrics this time..;p i still passed the class though, coz i was made good calculation on my own pattern size, the cutting and sewing technique were ok though..;-) thanks to my mom, she gave me extra sewing class at home...;)

few weeks ago i received my books from (after 3 weeks journey from US to Indonesia, those were shawl and scarves - the best of knitter's magazine, the amazing lace, folk shawl, heirloom's knitting) . knitted lace is on hot spot now.. too bad i was a little bit late with the KAL amazing lace.. Good luck to you who joined! :)

i asked my sis to bough me mason-dixon books too!! and i got hooked with the colorful cabin log and blanket. good job ann and kay! :-)
some pictures will upload soon and share with you ;)

as now i am on knitting world, when making cardigan or sweater, it will be nice to have a fitting model... a good one i spotted in lincraft store while i was in perth few years ago, the fitting model can be adjust from small to extra large body size. if price was not a concern, i already bought that one!! he.. he... that stuff is very having a robot in our craft room!! ;)

but our body sometimes have an extra here and there , however if we want to have a fitting model that close enaugh with our body shape, maybe we can make this, make a clone of ourself,
to you who already kids, this is another nice activity playing with duct tapes!!

i put this activity in my list, summer now is too hot he.. he.. and better i get back to my squares and kiri's shawl!!

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JennyRaye said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your kind comments about my lace shawl. Please stop back by anytime.

Folk Shawls and A Gathering of Lace are wonderful books! You will not regret buying them.