Tuesday, July 04, 2006

goodbye blue welcome violet :-)

some more blues had finished. I made more indigo blue squares so totally the indigo (dark) blue squares are now like 8-9of them.
then i bought 1 more blue (it'sdarker then the medium blue shown here) but lighter than indigo. It's like good nice blue jeans. I havent put this blue in this pictures.. he.. he.. lazy me..

Actually last month (*gasp*.. time flies isn't it), i played around with the cotton thread and did some dyed.
I was planned to dyed using turquise blue, orange and olive green on these cotton thread.

There were 6 skeins, so 2 blues, 2 olive greens, 1 orange and 1mixed blue-orange.
and here were the result:

closer look:

and i think it's quite bulky since I could use the 6mm knit needle to make stockinate stitch. Got to make some improvement on the st st...

As for the olive-green, thre resulted was very suprised me that it looked like old grey instead of olive green. Check this out:

the palest green was dyed on acrylic yarn, same type like the real olive green in the middle. But turned out greyish when I was using the cotton thread.

Wonder it can be that way, since i put enaugh dye powder, same tap water, same boiling pot and same period of boiling time...anybody can help? I understand that for cotton, the result could turned out more pale but not like this...another closer look:

So, finished with blue, welcome JULY, welcome VIOLET.
I feel violet is more romantic word than purple.. ;)

As for the squares, from this VIOLET theme too bad I can only found 2 colors...THIS and THAT
I am very suprising when working with THAT skein coz it feels very smooth and soft, unlike with THIS skein it's very acrilicky
and quite rough.

With only 2 colors for my squares, that means I can continue my kiri shawl which is using the japan yarn, the color is like LAVENDER, that suit with project spectrum theme this month.

I am thinking to knit a tank top too, still have few skeins from my lavender cardigan that I finished couple months ago. The yarn is Schachenmayr Princess... He.. he.. so much things on my list and so little time to do...

As for all AMERICAN,

HAPPY 4th of JULY!!

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