Sunday, October 02, 2005


when you feeling cozy, do you want to end it soon?
as for me, i should, since i already use all the 4 3/4 balls of Gedifra Wellness to create this.
and guess i will have hard time to say goodbye with this, but i have too, it will goes to my sis.
off the needle (by 2 october 2005), it was about 106 cms...then i washed it... and since it cotton, i didn't expected it will changing a lot, well.. when i hanging on the backyard to let it sun-dry, it turned to 146 cms!!!
but the width not much changing!!

then when i picked up, after few hours outside, the length got a bit shotter... now it about 126 cms..and i pinned it on my bed now (thanks for the queen size bed!!).. he.. he.. he...

i will let it overnight, and see whether it can be blocked for good or not.
btw, if you have any experience blocking cotton yarn, kindly drop me line or two... is it going back to normal size later in future if we wash it again and leave it dry without being blocked?

btw, i hand-washed it ... it's machine washable.. but so far no knitting projects were went to washing machine.

will load the pictures soon... promise..promise.... (:p)

note: all pictures here are added by oct 16, 2005

--sad news---
hate the bomb in bali island!! it's very terible, as if my country has not enaugh troubles... *sigh.....*
all my prayers for the victims.

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Alex said...

great job tanti! i love the pattern!