Sunday, October 30, 2005

almost hibernating?

it's been 2 weeks... last time i visited here, on 17th added the flicker you like it?
should put some more picture of my finished project, another promise i know......

lately, been busy with work, the pink tshirt project, and sick. yeah.. got weak tummy and after the doc precribtion's working its miracle, got another one.. the headache..real bad that it's like poking my eye balls from inside my head...*tuck..tuck...tuck...* like woody woodpecker...

then, my uncle from my mom side, after few in hospital, he was drop so bad, and in within 2 days, the doctor said, his liver, his kidneys and his lungs are went so bad... almost stop functioning.
the doctor said the chance are very very little... only 10 percents left.
now he is in ICU...and.. i may he is one of the person in family that i really admire for his hard working.
from nobody to be somebody, from selling mango fruit on the street and through hard working he has a small shoes manufacturing. too bad he stop the woman's line and now only play in man's footwear.
i really praying for him, all the best for him .. hopefully Buddha will blessing him, and help him, all the good karma that he done would help him through all this pain.

with so many things happened lately i finished the back part of pink tshirt

and working on the front part, just started the armhole shaping....

and here are the details....

sorry for the color may not turn out well.. but it's pink... not dusty pink...bolder than baby pink and lighter than shocking pink...;)

havent touch the other project yet.. the tricolor cardi....

btw, i gave the cozy shawl alreadyto my sis, i told her top open it later..then she sent me the message that she almost cried when she read my notes on the gift pack and she really..really like it ;)
want to know what i wrote to her? secret...:-)

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yuvee said...

I wish your uncle all the best ;)
The details on the pink shirt is really pretty.