Wednesday, November 09, 2005

lurking, crocheting, visiting

it's long holiday here in indonesia, after the moeslem fasting month, there were 2 days idul fitri holiday, but since the bali bombing 2 years ago, to increase the tourism business, government was decided to extended the some holiday.. so this year, the extended days was 3 days, our holiday total was from Nov 2 - 8!!!

before i wasnt planning or perhaps too many activities on to-do-during-long-holiday list, so many that i couldn't decide what i would going to do, some were:
1. cleaning, re-arranging book shelves that i used to stored the mags, books, knit tools, some others little things that i think i wouldnt notice if my mom throw it away

2. taking picture of my stash and make inventory from it ( i still have thousands of books that need to take care of like put some plastic cover and put some label)

3. do some note of my knitting expenses ( i would cry on this for sure...*sigh)

4. stashbuster for the sirdar cotton breeze... i still have the baby pink (900 grs!!!) and the baby yellow (1000 grs!!) and baby blue snuggly DK - 4 ply (1000 grs)!!! i am thinking crocheted/knitted afghan for the baby pink. and lacey motif jacket for the baby yellow and havent got any clue what to do with the snuggly..

5. continue the WIP - 3 colors cardigan, the pink sweater

6. playing with puppies -> bobo and snowy were delivered cute puppies over a month ago, bobo have 3 - all boys, and snowy have 2 - 1 male, 1 female. my dogs are mongrel, but puppies always cute!!! i need to take some pictures of them too!!

7. try the waffel recipe

8. watching korean movie series...

9. checked on some travelling either malaysia, singapore, bangkok, hongkong or bali... but since the crazy price on tickets and thinking we would be jam together with millions people, this very excited idea easily gave up...

then on the last day before holiday, one of my work team, told me that he would like to order the rose crocheted shawl, the one that i made 2 version before 5 roses (the full version) and 1 rose (well.. only 1 rose with fringe). he would like to have it on white and withou fringe... voila!!!

so i guess without i need to telling you reader already knew what i put on my first priorities...the order for crocheted shawl!!! *wink...*wink....*

so i did lots of crocheted, thanks God it's crocheting since the sun shining like crazy here, like we have 4 suns all over the sky!! even i was quietly sitting down just do crocheting i was in sweat in very short time!!! and got to back and forth to the sink to wash my hands coz it sweat too!!!

when i was bored with the crochet, i went to the hospital with mom and bro visited my uncle. he back from his few days comma, and already realized the people who visited him. he is still in ICU.
he looked much better, no more yellowish shadowing his face and legs, but with the respiration tools on throat, he cant talk, only from his eyes he let us knew that he glad we came visited him.

yesterday, we got news that he getting much better, the doctor already positioning his reclining bed to sitting position, but all the supporting tools still attaching onto his body. sometimes he got very angry and upset and tired with the IV on his arm. we are so glad!! and for you the readers who may pray for him too, i would like to say many many thanks !!!

i didn't have any chance taking pict on my projects yet, will come soon!! :-)

last but not least, alex has launched her new blog called knittyguru, so check it out !!

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