Monday, November 28, 2005

experiments on granny squares

with lots of things in my plan to do list, i choose to picked up the pink sweater... and knitted slowly, finished the sleeves and put it all together...

but i still have things on my minds...guess my hands used to be in crocheting like crazy for few days and it still on my brain or is it a post crochet syndrome ? :p so, i kept thinking about crocheting... but i dont want to picked up my 3 color cardigan.. i want something else.. greedy...:p

finally i found something i can make an excuse for crochet new stuff... the couch imitation leather starting to dried out and's uncomfortable on skin, and those are appearing on fave i am thinking a cover, on granny square... using a cotton twine, the color would be something white and something colorful.. and i decided something blue.... so i dyed some yarn on this cotton twine.

see, the dyed turned out quite different between acrylic and cotton.. it's resulted as lovely soft blue color with hint of white on cotton, and see how bright the color on acrylic thread. i dyed 4 balls .. guess it would be enaugh.

the cotton twine is quite thick, see how the ball still standing up even i almost finish with this one.....

and the assembly methode i will use would the whipstitch, the one that use needle instead of single crochet.

i also made another motif of granny square, and thinking to make an afghan from it.. color is dark grey, indigo blue and dark red (almost marron), all yarn is acrylic, a bit fuzy... ;)

i am not too satisfied with the pink sweater sleeves .. and i hear frog ...frog...but not so sure... i want to work this granny square first, so i can sit or lay down while watching tv comfortably again soon!! :)

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