Wednesday, December 07, 2005

ply or not plying? how to ?

my stash is growing.
few months ago i made some purchase on ebay for " some" yarns, it takes couple weeks to reach to singapore, to my sis address, since i am not sure how long it will take and the whether it will safely arrive to me via our post office here.. not to be underestimate but i am not going to sacrifice my it addressed to my sis address.

1. the chenille -> 2 cones (the one in the middle, each is around 2 lbs is i am not mistaken)

2. crochet thread -> 1 cones (1 lb, the most left)

3. the crochet metallic skein -> huge skein!!! (the one in front, the skein weight is around 2 lbs)

the chenille are ok, but quite dissapointed with the crochet thread and the ... (3) , sinc the crochet thread is not much different with thread that we usually using for sewing or machine embroidery!!!! and the (3), i have lots of questions:

1. how i winding this huuuggeee hanks into skeins/balls.... see.. you can see how big the skein is..

2. since it so much like a thread when you touch the ply, i am thinking to ply this, but how? is it necessary? i really appreaciated if you can tell me what i should do with these crochet thread and (3), but return to the seller would be not an option considering the shipping cost.

then my sis went to HK for holiday with her hubby, and without doubt, she knew that the souvenir for me (we called here... oleh-oleh)... would be yarn, and this was what they picked for me.

she bought at one of night market (she didn't remember the name) , there's no label or any info for this yarn, for you, who read my blog, if you familiar with this yarn, could you tell me any info like the materials (it's like acrylic-woll when i touched)

i love the textures, it's pale pink, and i have 5 balls... each about 500 grams/1 kilo and do not have any idea at this moment, should it be sweater, vest, afghan, shawl or ... any suggestion please?

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erin said...

I saw those huge balls of yarn when I was in HK last week, but I didn't buy any. I saw that the stalls had knitted them up into long scarves that seem very fashionable in HK right now.