Tuesday, December 13, 2005

carousel squares

it's been a while.... the raining season already started, and with temperature become getting cooler, even it's not as low like 4-seasons country, it's quiet chilling for us here... and see the nice afghans.. make me want to make some granny square afghan, not really a granny square though. the patterns is from Pricillia Hewitt - Carousel Squares:

i already started with yarn from orion top - the acrylic yarn type - any knitter or crocheter from singapore or malaysia also familiar with this brand ..;) and for my square, the square would be solid color for each sq

the colors i choose are dark grey, indigo blue and dark red, have crocheted 6 squares of dark grey, 1 of indigo blue and would start with the dark red.
using #4 tulip steel crochet hook, each square is about 10 cm or about 4 inch.
i haven't decide how big the each small block, either 3x3 or 5x5... and still designing the color combination layout.

the other color combination are off-white, cream and dark brown color... but these would be for different square motif...perhaps the classice granny square or the fisherman's (still from pricillia hewitt's) like this :

(same reason - wait until the dial up speed back normal)

this orion yarn, even it's acrylic, it feels like wool, probably would not shrink, surely will bit melted if i put hot iron on it..he, expect the color would bleed for deep dark colors like indigo blue and dark red.

about the pink sweater, finally i frogging the sleeve, start with the right sleeve, making some adjustment on increasing and decreasing rows... i put this project down for a while, and prefer to work the carousel square.

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