Monday, November 14, 2005

going 1..2...3....

finally!!! i blocked this crocheted 1 rose shawl yesterday.
after i soaked on the bucket, put light liquid soap, and wash it, hang it almost dry, then pinned on my bed (since i dont have the block board), here it is:

dont know coz the classic feeling but i found that this looked lovelier, since it white. previous i worked in sky blue and black yarn.

and here is the detail of border :

project: 1 roses triangle crochet shawl
yarn: grace from orion top (100% acrylic, 106 grams - 460 metres per cones, white)
crochet hook: tulip, no. 1 ( i always assume the number refer to centimetres)
working time: started nov 3 - finished 14 november (from 3-8 was full time .9-5 .:p)

i need to make other sample for the shawl for made to order project, doesnt mean i dont like this project, this is one of my fave, however i need to make something else, since there so many possibilities that we can create from simple stitches... i am thinking of motifs combined together, i am thinking rose (like irish crochet type), i am thinking granny square, i am thinking hair pin lace, i am thinking aran, bobbles ... but definetly i need to make new shawl sample.. :)

so, i can say my stash is not just a stash, that growing taller and taller on the corner but it's an investment!!

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FairyCrafty said...


Just saw your blog...but, for some reason...the photos aren't there. Would love to see them!!

Have a great day!