Saturday, September 03, 2005

triple color crocheted cardi

Dont know what's wrong with me or my finger, when i did the re-knit, the 2x2 ribbing were no problem, but when i do the stitch for sweet pink tshirt, keep finding the error, the stitch too loose, no consistency between rows (some are too tight, too loose), the i found in few rows under, the yarn wasnt went into the right direction. it suppose the purl stitch, but somehow i was did the knit st... oh ... *sigh*....

so i stop for a while and cheered myself up with the spring & summer 2005 Let's Knit Series,and guess it's now the time to start a cast on with this project.

i love the pattern, i love cardi, and it's crochet, so perhaps would finish faster than the knit project. for this, i am using Katia Creppi, since i cant found the blue color in range like the one in pattern, so for me the color are black, light bluish gray and super shine white. using the 3 mm steel crochet hook (tulip -> it's the best crochet hook in indonesia and some south east asia and china i think). yarn gauge is : 22stsx32 rows/10 cm using 3.6 mm knitting needles.
as for the pattern, it asked : 25 stsx10 rows/10 cm using the 3.25 mm
so, when i made the gauge, it's took about almost same length, but for the rows, i should make abut 6 rows extra to meet the pattern measturement.

as for my color, i started with black 2 rows, then 1 rowbluish grey or i think it greyish blue, then 1 row white.

it's quite funny working 3 yarn color at the same time and luckily i wasn't jump to the project and skipped the motif details.

each time the color changing, the yarn was carry on from the previous of each color below. .. sorry if i lost you people here..

i already have about 16 rows and too tired and too hot taking other pictures..

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