Tuesday, September 20, 2005

browsing around....

other than WIP, searching patterns, tips and tricks, checking online yarn stores, also to read the knitters blogs.
reading the progress of their WIP, the experience using certain yarn to create beautiful projects. i haven't find people to work on weird-bizzare-scarry project though. is it because the effort that we already spent on the project, the lovely yarn, and the proud to be admire (including me..:p) are factors for us, knitters, to create something beautiful and lovely.

so, i added some more blog link on my blog site some ... check on
the men who knit , it's an eye opener, make knitting become balance, not more to feminin-girly type activity anymore.

a lot of men who knit, sometimes they are shy to show it in public. i knew this coz my brother also knit/crochet. he said that people still have a stereotype that crochet/knit are more to women thing, not manly enaugh to do by men. on the other side, who never heard about great mens on fashion industry, great chef... they are men who working in "woman" area...

well.. it could become long discussion on this topic, and i love knitting too much and dont want this be spoil by men-women things argues.

so, just enjoy reading and have a good time browsing around..;)

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