Thursday, September 08, 2005

going 1..going 2..going 3.....


here are the 16 rows from my triple crochet cardi... i named it my project by myself, coz i dont know what it's name since i cant read japanese.
i feel that the contrast between black to bluish grey- white are ok..a bit too strong.. but it will match with the light blue, or white or grey or black tank top if i wear this later.
another concern is since the row are horizontal, it may give illusion of wider body shape, so i am thinking to make the sleeve and the collar with all black to balance it. gosh... working with black yarn such a misery, but we all love a little black here and there..:-)

back to my pink t-shirt (or should i called it sweater?), after reached about 20 cms height, i took a look and i quite shame with my stockinette stitch...the tension was not consistent, i am wondering, is it coz by the needle?
i am using inox circular 3.5mm for this miami yarn, and the based on the label it said that the yarn can be work with 3-4 mm of yarn.
for the ribbing 2x2, i was using the 4 mm and it turned ok.
so i feel uncomfortable, thought that wheter i should frog it (AGAIN!!!!) or not?
no? (i already did that before and my yarn now suffer with the splitting symptom...*sigh*)
frog! (the stock st so terrible.. i couldn't show this off if the quality is like this!!)
no!!!! (just thinking the re-knit it again already make me feel so tired!!, how bout the time you already spent?????)

i left it for a while, and when i got back, i made up my mind.
i frog it.
no choice. i want to love my work and it's good yarn, and i can imagine it will turn out great once it finish. and i kinda a perfectionist on this thing.
so i left it on the bin for a day, not touching .. then tonight i back to knit it again.....
(i am tempting to switch to 3.25 mm needle.. but got to focus... the 3.5mm is great just i have to more pay attention on tension!!)

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