Sunday, September 11, 2005

green cardi buttoned up

today was so hot, even at this moment, at the evening after bit humid!!!
i did the stock st my pink sweater (i wil called it sweater now, since it has kinda turtle-neck shaped, it couldn't be call turtle neck t-shirt ;p) but not sure what keep my finger feeling clumsy or what, coz it keeping not turned good.

i am better with lace and cabled..that can hide ugly stockinette st, so i took a break again, and did a bit sew, put some wooden button on the green cabled cardigan.

as if i am not hot enaugh, i put the cardi on, and here the front and the back look . the cables on the sleeve are straight, but i was too hot when wear this.. and it is very good thing to have a self timer camera :) tell what do you think...:)

i give my self some excuse for a little errors or impefectness this is my first cabled cardi and since i found it after i sewn all my dear reader..if you notice the imperfect *hole* (hint..hint)....sorry....


yuvee said...

I think it looks sweet, nice cables!!

Alex said...

great job on the cardigan. i love all the tiny little cables! i would not have the patience for that!

Crafty Princess said...

A very pretty cabled cardigan, Tanti!