Monday, September 19, 2005

knitty cozy shawl.....another wip.. *hik...*

as if the WIP are not enaugh (the pink sweater, the tri color crochet cardi, and i just remembered now that actualy i have a very long chain-about 300 something- crocheted already for a shawl, from solutia -> shut down by sept 1 .. too bad..), on weekend, i already started to cast on another project, this time "cozy" shawl from knitty . this project actually already on my list since the first time i seen this, but not like love in the first sight..i keep it in my list, like making a good wine... make it mature enaugh..then:

1. i remembered my sis birthday will come on next month, with about 2 weeks ahead (about only 4 days actually since i can only really work on this project full time on weekend),

2. then i saw my stash, Gedifra yarn, i still have 5 balls, and the color pretyy much close to the original pattern.

3. then i thinking it will suitable with my sis.

and i picked up the needles, and casted on.

for this project, i am using 4.5 mm needles, 2 type of needles, bamboo and nickel-plated-inox type needle (since i am forget the brand, i bought this during my trip to perth last year).

on yarn label said it suitable for 3-4 mm needles, but it's going ok with 4.5 mm.

cozy pattern asking for 5 mm, mine would be shorter, but still acceptable...;)

so, i am knit for 20-something rows.. it's fun project.

love the lace and the seems this gedifra yarn really working well with this pattern... *soul-mate*

pict of progress will be posted a little bit late...;)

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