Sunday, June 07, 2009

Another Afghan - Granny Square Rectangle

Remember, that few years (sounds so long!!) I "inhereted" or other word got these a big bag (like 20 kg big plastic bag) yarns!! Mostly acrylic, and the brand has been discontinue.

From that yarns, I have made the baby cape for my co-worker baby girl, and stil have bunch of these socks-weight yarns. The heavier one had turned to this cabin log, from mason-dixon 1st book.

So, what the easiest and most importantly the fastest way to reduce this stash? I think, these yarns for sure are not something to wear against your skin. Possible you all who knew the quality of acrylic in early 80's knew how it feel.

On the other thing, since it is acrylic, this material quite durable, to go to washing machine, and dry fast ;-)

I have the idea already, it should be afghan project, for the living room (again!!), but what kind of afghan would it be?

Scanned throught the books, magz and webs (including raverly), then decide to have granny square, but it should be rectangle to fit with the 2-seaters sofa.

Other than the my "inhereted" stash, I also took my bro's stash. The colors (the aquamarine, light indigo and white and ah.. grey) are great to enhance my yarns, which are more to warm color (baby yellow, salem, chili red, maroon, dark cream, brown, dark brown and indigo, oh ya also light purple).

So here it is, I made these 18 squares and arrange it to rectangle and continue crochet all around, till finished all the yarns!

Afghan on the drying process, after wash

Due to different yarn weight, some of the rectangles are smaller than other, so when the afghan fold, it doesnt folded nicely.. but I don't really care :-) I like the color :-)

I arranged the color, from lighter/cooler hues first to the darker/warmer hues. And I keep crocheting till the yarn out, and continue with the next band. You can see continuity in this picts.

closer look

Yarns : Kinlon Sakura (how many ball band... ummm.. will update later) and some other brands (no ball bands attached in my bro's stash)
Crochet Hooks : Tulip No. 3
Time : somewhere around February/March 2009 - 10 May 2009

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