Saturday, May 30, 2009

share your idea!

I have this purchase, from elann , back to nov 2006, and I have some specific pattern in mind (the shawl) for all these yarn except the Fresh Cream color, however, I found that cotton is much more suitable also the gauge.

So I still have these, Endless Summer Collection Luna, in these colors :

1. Silken Damask (2 balls),
2. Pink Pearl (2 balls),
3. Shimmering Cherise (2 balls),
4. Rasberry wine (2 balls), and
5. Fresh Cream (15 balls)

And now my knitting/crochet idea a bit slow down.. Do you have any idea to share what kind of knit/crochet pattern that may suitable with these yarn?

I will check Ravelry though, but always nice to have input ;-)

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