Sunday, March 01, 2009

February Lady Sweater

Hello visitors.. long hibernation and now I'm back again ;-)
Guess what, I was joined with the wagon who really enjoyed and admired very clever pattern from Pamela Wynne.
Her pattern really good for learning the Top Down method, which I would like to try for sometimes ago since I purchase the Knit From The Top - Barbara Walkers, but never really grasp the idea till I try this pattern.
First, I tried to download straight from her blog, but no luck with the PDF file, so - since I wasnt aware that in Ravelry, thousand of people already put this in next to knit list - I almost given this up. Then when I was back again and browsed around for easy and free pattern sweater/cardigan, I found this! I was very delightful! Happy..Happy..Happy :-)

So I downloaded, printed this and digged out my yarn stash. Since my plan to HK was cancelled, this pattern was the one I choose to make my holiday productive.

The yarn I chose was SIRDAR Breeze - cotton rich DK - a 100 grm value per ball- I had this for few years, bought 1 kg (10 balls!) , lovely baby yellow color, very soft and smooth again skin. And I never have a yellow for sweater/cardigan :-)

Started to knit on 22 Dec 2008, got 4 times Knit-Rip-Knit, coz I was too lazy to knit a swatch..;p
Then 5th attempt, I got the size right, so I keep going.

The good thing Knit from Top, as you are aware, we can try this on while we still working on it. My sis and my mom already eyeing this, and asked, when you finish that? Will you give it to me once you finished knitting? He..he.. he.. well.. I can borrow it to them for sure ;-)

So here it is:

To finished the sleeves, first I used the bamboo 4 dpns (PANDA), but it's too short (about 15 cms length), so it hurt my palm over and over. Then I bought this SKC DPN at hobby lobby. Choice were INOX or SKC. I have a lots of INOX needle and some of SKC crochet needle, and found SKC is cheaper than INOX (about IDR 10,000). So I picked SKC ;-)

February Lady Sweater on me :-)

Pattern : February Lady Sweater by Pamela Wynne, 2008 ( or check on Ravelry).
Start : 22/12/08
Off the Neede : 11/01/09 (the fastest sweater I ever knitted!!)
Yarn : Sirdar Breeze Cotton Rich DK @ 100 grams - Lot 1779, Quality Share : 0063
Total Yarn Used : 340 grams
Needles : Pony Circular 4 mm (80 cm) and SKC 4 mm (20 cm)

This pattern is really good, and actually I would like to knit this once again, but different lace pattern and perhaps 1 size smaller.
I would like to thank to Pam too, for lovely and genious pattern you created! ;-)

PS: I think the Breeze has been discontinued, but Snuggly is look like the same when I check at Sirdar website.

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