Friday, November 17, 2006

sweety pinky cape :)

It's been a long time... November already...time is flies so fast. I realized that I havent posted any single thing for this month.
My WIP that started on October knit and crochet. They are Icarus Shawl, baby cape and hat and storage box. The baby items and Storage box are crocheted. I am on the 5th repeat of Chart 1 on Icarus Shawl and then finished crocheted these baby cape and hat 2 weeks ago.

Working on baby items like this was fun, since it's tiny so the feeling of accomplishment was great. I like all the things on this projects. Why I choose the cape and hat, it's because the yarn are acrylic, and considering the tropical weather we have here, I better make something that easy to put on the baby. And these cape and hat are rare items you find here in Jakarta.

Other reason was I like to make something that last quite long too, at least for few years ahead.. he.. he..

Last not least my consideration to make this, I was using yarn from my stash. Total it need about 3 1/2 skeins, around 175 grams. The yarns was Kinlon - Dahlia, the one that my colleaque gave me few months ago. The pink also suit for cute little baby girl. So it's perfect :)

Pattern taken from Japanese Crochet Books for Baby that I bought at Kinokuniya book store.. I will update the ISBN for your reference (another promise :p -- ok.. here we go ISBN: 4-529-02373-7, latest published dated 21st May 2005 ..... updated 24th Nov 2006)

Love this cutey balls - made from a small notions that I bought in puppy yarn store when I was went to Japan last year.

Since I did not know whether the size will fit the baby or not since I haven't met with my colleague yet because she was on 3 months maternity leave, I tried on my Winnie The Pooh, that size close to 1-2 years old toodler. Talking about long term usage, it sure will fit the baby..;)

Pattern : Japanese Pattern Books (ISBN : 4-529-02373-7 - this is 2nd time publishing, dated 21st May 2005)

Needles : Tulip Steel Crochet No. 3/0

Yarn : Kinlon - Dahlia (acrylic 100%)

I visited her (she was back to his mother house at central java for delivery the baby), the baby already about 2 months old. Cute and seems she will be has slim and tall girl just like her dad :)


Lily said...

Oh its so cute and sweet. It doesn't look like acrylic at all. I am sure the recepient will be happy to have it.

Erica said...

That little cape and hat are absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing those photos :)