Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cabin log afghan

I was took about 10 work days off during the Christmas/New Year's week, planned to do some cardigan, continue my multicolor shawl from The new heirloom of knitting. But then considering flood that we had on early 2007, the actual actvities were cleaned up old clothes, old books, and spare some spaces for my yarn and knitting book stash if the flood come.

The cardigan will need to ripped off caused gauge issue. Turn out even I am using same needle size that close to the yarn ball band info, turned out it have more length that required.

So the only plan that successfully done was the cabin log afghan. Inspired from Mason Dixon Knitting Book, and desired to lessen my stash I made this afhan. The result was perfect fit for the sofa on living room. And mom said that this afghan is nicer and smoother than one that I crocheted 2 years ago.

So here the one I finished :

Yarn : Kinlon (acrylic-discontnued) - about 12 skeins each weight 40 grams (cream, dark brown, light blue, dark grey, olive green)
Finished size : to be measure first..;-)
Needle : 6.5 mm circular needle
Time : 3 weeks (finished on 31st Dec 2007).

Also Marian had visited Indonesia on first week of January.. but the water already on the street in my area. With water height aboout 20-40 cms in the street I couldnt make it to meet her. Really sorry Marian. Next time better ok?

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