Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My needles still clicking

This s the longest period of my unblogging time. Almost 3 months!! Having crazy schedules at work plus non-cooperative compie at home, I am more into working my projects instead of blogging.

Some projects that I am working now is the afghan, knitting project to de-stash my yarn. I plan to use this afghan to cover the electric massage chair. Also on my other needles, the Blumegruss from Heirloom Knitting. Goosh .. it's about half year project.. should finish this while it still hot!! ;)

In between those 2 projects, my sis was asked to make a set of baby clothes for her co-work, so I crocheted a set of baby kimono, a hat and a pair of baby booties. Will upload the picts later. I use the vintage yarn , part of the stash that my coworker gave me some time ago and combine with my bro's stash.

I am really sorry for the reader if you kept finding the non updated blog page for few months, and thank you for checking me out :-)

Tomorrow we have a day off (not May-day or labour day, we dont have that here in Indonesia), so hopefully I could working on the pict and upload those here.

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