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Off the Needle - Katia Vest

Do you realieaze, once we hit the "BER" months (september, october, november, december), time feel like flying. I was started this Vest sometimes in late August 2007 (if I am not mistaken). I was started with making a swatch for both motifs. This is the first knitting project that I swatched and measures the gauge really carefully.

The good thing of making a swatch that as you already knew, the gauge really helpful to do the measure and plus good to practice the motifs too.

The yarn I used is Katia Creppyi-Chine, it's nice yarn, running smoothly on my circular inox. However for my own confinient, I balled the skeing first. Since it quite slippery yarn, I dont want to have tangled yarn in the middle of knitting enjoying moment.

As for the pattern, I was eyeing this since I saw the book... Keitodama Spring 2005 No. 131

And my eyes falen for this pattern :

as for the yarn, I bought it from my LYS - like end of 2005. I am not remembered what pattern this yarn for. But I bought 6 skeins of it. Still left 2 1/2 skeins. And I am wondering what kind of project that I could make from this leftover. It's varigated yarn, colors are ranged from white, ivory, light brown, light olive green.
Like the way it shaping the back :

Details of 2nd motif. It need a good blocking to make it look like nicer :)
Front view :
Pattern : Vest - page 20 - Keitodama Spring 2005 (ISBN : 4-529-04106-9)

Yarn: Katia Creppi - Chine about 4 1/2 skeins or around 220 grs ( Color : 3124 Lot : 63870, 50 gr/138 ms/151 yds)

Needle : Inox 31/2 80 cm circular and Aero 4 dps 3.5 cm

Time : Late Augus 07 (if I am not mistaken) - 23 Sept 07.

It may consider 99% done, since there's no buttons have put on it yet. I have cute wooden-like button, but I only have 6 instead of 8. After I put the button, I will wash it and do little block of it.

And since last week (29th Sept 07) I already started this beauty : Blumengruss from The New Style of Heirloom Knitting :

As for the yarn, I am using DMC Petra # 5
And I am on the first section of 3, on the 16th repeat. So far everything still running well :)

Details of 1st section :

Do you know that there is cool group: knitinginjapan at yahoogroup? Check it out :) Good for non-japanese knitter who like to cast on as soon as possible when see their knitting/crocheting patterns!!

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