Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Have you ready to warming up your needles? :)

Here we are, at the final month of the year, where in my area, weather still unpedictable, sometimes hot just like summer, sometimes heavy raining (actually we already have flooding caused by the higher sea high tide, specially in northern Jakarta). On the other part of the world, you can see the ground has been all white covering with white snow. And I believe knitting time, specially if you are working with warm yarn like wool or alpaca. Bring your project, the yarn on the basket, the pattern and a glass (or more) of your fave drink, find a nice corner where you can sit so relax and feel the zen of your fingers movement...so soothing.. ;)

However if you are haven't found a project yet, let's check out Knitty Winter 2007!! I found some items that would be like to include in my to-knit-this soon list. If I have all time, the list would be (not in particular order) :

a. Aoife

b. Dahlia

d. Jeanie

Also like to try for the chevrolace socks (lovely), there are others but this one is I like. It knit with 2 circulars method, new techinique for me. So hurry check Knitty out :)

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