Saturday, March 27, 2010

Progress Double Star Doily

Now, it was on 1st week of Jan, and I was dream to finished this before Chinese New Year on Feb 14, 2010. So, sewn the 2nd parts of the doily to the central pattern, with some help from this book, All Stitched Up by Jane Crowfoot. This is book is value for money and I really glad I bought this, always be a good reference for finishing the project. So here the Central Doily before sewn with the 2nd part:

And after about 2 hrs ( i was mattress stitch this very slowly..-:p), I got this:

To make sure the 1st and 2nd nicely stitched together, I sewn these 2 parts together with sewing thread:

And it stitched nicely!

I like this and was thinking to just have 2 rounds instead of 3 as what written in the pattern but I would like to try the pattern, so I cast-on the 3rd round:

Now it's almost end of March, and am still working on the 3rd parts, reached the half around the 2nd border. Maybe I can finish this by May.

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