Sunday, November 28, 2010

Short Chek-In

I have not posted my work here for very long time, I am still knitting/crocheting tough, but not as often as before. Long hour at work shared some contribution to the very limit time I have for this fave hobby.

I am not sure I have posted this before, I have finished 2 crocheted dish-clothes, but only took pictures of 1 of it, here, taken from Japanese book, I am using cotton thread, held double all around, and self-dyed yarn

Yarn : Unicorn # 10, held double, less than 25 grams, and acrylic yarn # 20 (blue yarn)
Needle : Rose # 3/0
Start & Finished : April 17, 2010

Last week, somehow I really want to make a pair of fingerless mitten. I think I can use it at work, where now already in raining season, and somehow my work floor seems has air-con setting lower than other floors. So, a cotton fingerless mitten would be nice to warm up my hand a bit.
There are some patterns that interested me, from interweave knits, the japanese knit books, lion-brand, berroco, ravelry, and for sure Knitty

I found this Fetching Pattern from Knitty Summer 2006, by Cheryl Niamath, I casted-on using Sirdar Breeze Cotton yarn straight away, and in few hours I finished the half pair.

The 2nd pair was casted off on Sunday 21 Nov 2010, and then I cast it off by yesterday, it's quick and easy pattern.

I added 4 cables and I knitted 26 rows after wrists instead of 18 as it in the pattern (which too short for my palm when I tried it on).

Yarn : Sirdar - Breeze - color : Pink (0070), about 50 grams
Needle : 5 Double Pointed Needle Set - SKC, 4.00 mm
Start : 20 November 2010
Finished : 28 November 2010

Then today, I cast on a Snow Doily by Priscilla Hewitt. After work about 3-4 hours, I am finished. It is now in the kitchen sink, ready to wash and then use it (no blocking ;p)

Yarn : Unicorn # 10, held double all around
Needle : Rose # 3/0
Start & Finished : Sunday, 28 Nov 2010

So I am still knitting/crocheting, even tough not time spent on it as much as I used and would like to.
Actually I am working with a sofa-cover again now, working on my stash - the chenille yarn, it's crocheted, basket weave. Started that about 2-3 months ago, and still working on it. I love watching it growing, specially when I fold it, the basket weave composed a nice motif.
Since no pattern use for this sofa cover, I am still searching for the border motif.
Any idea? Kindly share! :0)

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