Sunday, December 20, 2009

Double Star Doily

Time flies.. very fast.. for me.. with all the work, i still can manage doing some knit projects. One thing that I am working on it, cast this project few months ago (around Sept if not mistaken), yesterday have finished first part out of three.

Project is a free pattern, called Double Star Doily from Have this copy for few years, and found this again when I went through my pattern stash.

Using white cotton thread, is has it weakness, even tough always washed my hands before working this, but seems some dust still sticking. So here it is, the finished center part (I hope when I wash this later, this stain will go away).

The central is make in section, total 10 wedges. However as advice in the pattern, it can be more depend on how loose is the stitch we knit. I am working with cotton thread # 20 (brand : Unicorn) and 2.5 mm needle. After cast off the 10th wedges and sewn 1st and 10th section, it lay flat nicely. Hmm.. am sure blocking will help to open up the pattern a bit (working with cotton, unlike the wool can bloom ;p).

There are some corrections on row 25 (center pattern), where it should be K6 (typo error, it shown a GBP symbol), row 37: should be K2 instead K3 and row 38, should be K6 instead of K8.

Grafting always challenge for me, need to practice a lot! Also found out this pattern shown a unique way on closing the center. Cool :)

There are 2 parts of border side, and already cast on and worked 3 repeat on 19/12/09. Need to rewind some of yarn for the borders. Hope can finish this before year end! :)

Now I am thinking of hemlock doily/afghan too..mmm.. after this :)


fleegle said...

I am glad you liked the Queen Susan and hope you attempt the patterb. It looks like you do lovely lace!

Just a suggestion--try photographing your white lace on a dark background so we can admire it!

Happy New Year!

tanti said...

Hi, thanks for dropped by here.
Thanks for your suggestion. It's good idea :)As for the Queen Susan, it's on my wish to knit list. A bit of scared tough, it's very lovely lace with intricate pattern (or look like it) ;)