Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Me and my scarf - Asakusa Temple

Here, another picture of me and my scarf in Asakusa Temple, Tokyo, Japan. I visited this place with my friend and he took a pict for me. This scarf was done after 2 days work, worked with 120 wood dpn needles and the yarn was a gift from my sis while she flew to germany. the huge skein was weight about 100 grams and i was working ribbing 2x2. the final result reached about 150 cms, so I can wrapped around my neck with very short on both ends. it's very nice, warming my tropical body (specially my neck) and covered a bit of my nose and lips... ;-)

the temple was very crowded, we walked from the gateway to the main hall, with hundreds maybe thousands of other people. my friend, jonokun, told me that we should throw coin 5 yen before we prayed, i need to check with him once again, what it's 5 yen means.

I had took pict of my stash very nice-unforgettable -enrichment experience, but dont have chance to modified (reduced the file size). But I will upload and make other people's drolling..;)


Anonymous said...


i'm speaking from Brazil. I love knit and crochet.
I did many things at knit (scarfs and sweaters are my favorities!).


tanti said...

Hi Kelly!!
thank you for dropped by. You are so far away there in Brazil.
Knit and crochet are amazing hobby isn't it? :)

Hope you reading this. :)