Monday, January 16, 2006

I am Back... :)

It's nice to get back home!!! :-) and happy belated New Years to Everyone!!! I miss you all and missing my blog, missed my needles and yarns, and books.

I finally succeed add some stash from my trip, both in Singapore and Japan. I visited Puppy Yarn and Okadaya. Thanks to Pinku's blog, i was planned to visit most of the yarn stores in Tokyo and around, but with the schedule I can only manage 2 from her list. Those 2 places are heaven for craft lovers, specially okadaya, their Shinjuku's store is 6 storeys building plus 2 storey's on the opposite front. I can spend hours and hours just in that one store alone!! :p

But when I was in Fukiage, Saitama-prefecture, my friend who live there brought me to the Craft Store there too. I am not remember the store name (will have to dig out all the reciept if I can find it.. :p) and those places are heaven too!!

And while I was in Singapore, I found this quiz on old Cosmopolitan Magazine

Other than to be a doctor, my other dream when I was little was to create something, I tried cooking, sewing, cross-stitched, embroiderry, and now, after i knew about knitting and crochet, it's like a dream come true (at least now I have more excuses for the increasing yarn stash I have..;p)

Btw, Congratulation for my Chinese Malay Friend, Cynthia, she finally launched her own blog!! :)

I would post more picture soon.. to give you all nice peek from my yarn store hunting.
After this trip, got to do big saving before next one..:-)


~~~Cyn~~~ said...
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~~~Cyn~~~ said...

Hey! Tanti,
I am not your Malay friend! I am a Chinese Malaysian!! You are in big big trouble!! Watch out for me!!he!he!