Friday, August 26, 2005

sweet pink-shirt

ah.. almost finished with the lavender cardigan, and for the next project would be this..

taken from Let's Knit Series Spring Summer 2004, this project already statyed in my project to do list for about a year!!! i was looked for the match yarn that i really want to use for this.

i was thinking about blue, white, dark blue, yellow, sage, light brown, cream.. even purple!! but my mind always come back to this pink and pink.. ;p

i like this, coz i can wear it under my work jacket suit... working in a company with conservative background is a big no no to wear something too sexy.. and i found this is easy to make....

so, i found this perfect yarn... using MIAMI yarn imported from Germany, made in bulgaria. it's mercerized cotton and i am using 4mm for the ribbing and then used 3.75 mm for the stockinette... but found out that would be too i ripped of the body part and switched to 3.5 mm. it's knitted perfectly.. but since it is cotton, still got some fuzziness...but i love the color!!

hopefully i can finish this soon.. want to wear it to work.. umm.. thinking abut showing off.. that would be not too sinful eh? ;)

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yuvee said...

No wonder that yarn looks familiar, I love Miami yarn!! ;) How much does it cost there anyway?