Sunday, August 14, 2005

almost finished lavender cardi

back to my lavender cardi project... i am afraid it may not fit with my mom size.. a little bit tight on her.. and knowing her, she may not too like fit clothes... but if she doesnt want to, i can always wear it.. :)

so here it is, after the finishing phases: sewing all parts, crocheted picot all around (found this is quite time consuming... same like put the tassels!!) ... here are some details i can share with you all....

the whole cardi after sewing all parts:

lav card01 Posted by Picasa

close up motif:

lav card detail Posted by Picasa

the sleeve close up:

lav card detil sleeve Posted by Picasa

and the front and back parts... sorry for the hanging loose yarns...

lav cardi front Posted by Picasa

lav card back Posted by Picasa

as for the buttons... i am thinking to put the pearl beads ... make the cardi look little "classy" type..... or perhaps just the transparant bead..

beads Posted by Picasa

lav card detil btn Posted by Picasa

total would be take about 10 buttons... i bought this beads on area called Pasar Baru. A central shopping area for fabrics (mostly the stores are owned by India people) and material for weddings stuffs so thats includes tailored-handmade shoes/sandals, tiaras, beads but hardly yarn, central of beauty salon supplies too.. i can forgive havent find the yarns store here, since there are lots of yummy food...(cakes/pastries/snacks) chinese, india, indonesia, dutch yumm.....yummm......very womanly area.. he.. he.. ;)

back to the project, i will to sew some of the pearl to this cardi.. and see if that will fit with the button hole.

*ps: i will put some info on this project , suc as yarns info and project length...*


mp said...

beautiful cardi and also gorgeous little baby. congrats on your having pictures now.

emy said...

Looks great!