Sunday, August 14, 2005

hei... you are 1 month old now!!!

few weeks ago, was 1 month of baby HJ.. so.. we all the extended family were received this very nice and yummy 1 month baby box.

here in indonesia, the 1 month baby box can be either the cake (like b day cake with little tiny baby miniature statue on the top) or more traditional like this.

the lunch box contained: 1/2 bbq chicken with the sweet soy sauce, 2 redden boiled eggs, 1 portion yellowed rice with shreded coconut on the top, each 2 chinese pastries (the pink one from the cake name represented the stronger or blooming, and the red one represented long life -> symbol of turtle)..

want to try? ;)

baby 1 month box Posted by Picasa

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