Monday, March 26, 2007

Pink Sweater... Completed!

Ah.. finally I finished this pink sweater!! I had put lots of efforts and too much patience working on this sweater. Some main challenges were splitty yarn and the modification of gauge.

I was started this pink sweater in 2005, then working a bit in 2006. I was put it down caused I couldnt bear the splity yarn. I did not know what's wrong when I working with this yarn but my LYS owner said she doesn't encounter the same problem like mine.

So, in total I had worked on the body parts 2x (tinking all the way 2x), then the neck parts 2x, the sleeves parts 3x!! Tinking process and so many months I abandoned this project caused the pieces were not in clean stages anymore.

But after I finished the last stitches of sleves part, sewn everything in places, weaved in the end, then directly it goes to the bucket for washing! :)

I haven't take any pictures yet, but I had some old picture to remind me (and some of you) about this project.

This was taken on August 26, 2005

(just for my note : finished on March 24, 2007)

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mp said...

I'm in Hongkong this week and
coming to Jakarta to see my son. would love to see you and shop too.